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Credit Card

A credit card is basically a plastic card that allows the card holder to borrow from a line of credit and pay for all the goods and services that he uses. credit card are taking over the trend of paper money due to the convenience that they provide to the card holder. Making a major purchase is now a simple matter of swiping the credit card. You do not have to carry around large sums of money when you can carry a credit card that takes minimum space in your wallet but has numerous advantages. Each card provider has numerous additional options for the benefit of the card holder.

Credit card, apart from being providing convenience to the card holders, are also a lot safer than cash. If you have a habit of losing your wallet time and again, then a credit card is your safest bet. If you lose cash chances are that, you might not be able to recover it. With a credit card, you have the option to block it the moment you realize that you have lost it. The chances of any fraudulent activity-taking place are hence decreased and the card holder can rest assured.

A credit card helps the card holder in keeping track of all the purchases and expenses. Keeping all the receipts handy would allow the card holder to keep track of how much was spent on each purchase. By checking the receipts against the monthly statement, the cardholder can immediately inform the authorities of a discrepancy to avoid any fraudulent activity.

Credit cards are a great way to build a good credit history. If you pay all your credit card bills in full and on time each month, you would reap the rewards in the form of a sound credit history apart from the numerous benefits like free air miles and discounts from all the retail partners. Moreover, credit cards also offer the card holders with the additional facility of damage protection. In case the merchandise has a defect and the card holder is not satisfied entirely with the purchase he has made, he would not be charged for that particular purchase.

We provide credit cards with different limits on the credit depending upon the credit history of the customer. In case you have any queries or need more information, feel free to contact us. We encourage and appreciate customer feedback. Your input will be highly valued.

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